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Under Body


Floor Pan (sealed joint), Dash Panel, Fender Mount reinforcement, Seat Anchor, Cross Car Beams, Oil Pan, Seat Belt Retractor, Shock Tower, Engine Mount Brackets, Front Rails, Rear and Front Bumper, Transmission Tunnels (sealed joint), Crash Boxes, Subwoofer/Amplifier

PROFIL® MAF for Under Body Applications

PROFIL® Mechanically Attached Fasteners (MAF) are used by the world’s top Automotive OEMs in a variety of under body applications, including:

  • Floor Pan (sealed joint)
  • Dash Panel
  • Fender Mount reinforcement
  • Seat Anchor
  • Cross Car Beams
  • Oil Pan
  • Seat Belt Retractor
  • Shock Tower
  • Engine Mount Brackets
  • Front Rails
  • Rear and Front Bumper
  • Transmission Tunnels (sealed joint)
  • Crash Boxes
  • Subwoofer/Amplifier