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In-Die Installation

PROFIL® offers customers the ability to install our Mechanically Attached Fasteners (MAF) directly in their press lines for a fully automated solution. Benefits include:

  • Fully automatic placement utilizing progressive dies, transfer tools or automated press lines
  • Particularly cost-effective for high volume production, as the fasteners are conveyed through tubing by a multiple channel sorting and feeding device into the pierce heads
  • Efficient – One or several fasteners are being fixed in place with each stroke

Progressive Die

Progressive die operations are very typical in the automotive space, as they enable quick production of parts with strict tolerances. PROFIL® works with our customers to integrate seamlessly within this fast-paced stamping environment, ensuring that our mechanically attached fasteners are installed in-line, saving time and eliminating secondary operations.

  • PROFIL Feeder
  • PROFIL Feeder
  • PROFIL Feeder

C-Frame Installation

PROFIL® tooling is used in C-Frame installation processes, including:

  • Manual – Operator-based installation for low volume, single parts and prototypes
  • Robotic – Stationary C-frame: Robot moves the sheet metal component to one or more C-frames for installation

C-frame installation

Robotic and Manual Installation

PROFIL® C-frame presses enable customers to install fasteners manually or via robotic operations.


Custom Installation

PROFIL® application engineers work directly with our customers to service pre-production installations and testing. As a systems supplier, we engineer and provide the appropriate processing technology that is tailored to meet each application’s individual production requirements.



Working with PROFIL

Learn about how we cover you from technical advisory through after-sales support with the PROFIL® closed loop solution.

The PROFIL Advantage