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Door Inner Panel, Door Hinge, Window Regulators, Side Intrusion Beams, Hood Hinges, Hood Latch, Hood Striker, Tailgate Ball-Hinge Brackets, Tailgate Inner Panel, Liftgate Hinge, Liftgate Inner Panel, Liftgate Latch, Deck Lid Hinge

PROFIL® MAF for Closures

PROFIL® Mechanically Attached Fasteners are used by the world’s top Automotive OEMs in a variety of closure applications, including:

  • Door Inner Panel
  • Door Hinge
  • Window Regulators
  • Side Intrusion Beams
  • Hood Hinges
  • Hood Latch
  • Hood Striker
  • Tailgate Ball-Hinge Brackets
  • Tailgate Inner Panel
  • Liftgate Hinge
  • Liftgate Inner Panel
  • Liftgate Latch
  • Deck Lid Hinge