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Rivet vs. Clinch: Do you know the difference?

MAFacts™: Rivet vs. Clinch - Do you know the difference?

There are two primary types of Mechanically Attached Fastener technologies: Rivet and Clinch. Below is a brief breakdown of the difference between the two.

Rivet Joint:

  • Fasteners are pressed into a pre-pierced/embossed component and form to the panel
  • Alloy Range: Aluminum through 1500 MPa
  • Watertight joints
  • In-die applications

Clinch Joint:

  • During the installation process, component material is pressed into the fastener
  • Self-piercing or used with a pre-pierced component
  • Alloy Range: Aluminum through 600 MPa
  • Suitable for a wide range of sheet metal thicknesses
  • BIW applications