PROFIL® MAF For In-Line Roll Forming Applications


Mechanically attached fasteners from PROFIL® are the superior performing alternative to welding – proven to streamline your manufacturing process and improve quality and reliability. Our unique, single-step installation makes PROFIL® fasteners the ideal choice for in-line roll forming applications.

Eliminate Costly Secondary Operations

PROFIL® mechanically attached fasteners eliminate secondary operations that are required by traditional processes such as welding. With no need for pre-piercing and no need for multiple insertion passes, cost savings is achieved. 

Increase Throughput and Improve Quality

In addition to cost savings, throughput is increased by removing secondary operations. And with no weld splatter to contend with, manufacturing quality is also improved.

Achieve Finished Product Completely In-Line Roll Forming

For in-line roll forming applications, PROFIL® MAFs are particularly cost-effective for high-volume production. Fully automated placement enables fast cycle time with strict tolerances, and installation of one or several fasteners is possible during the roll-forming process.

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About: PROFIL® (a PennEngineering® company) is the world’s premier global manufacturer of Mechanically Attached Fasteners (MAF), an alternative to traditional weld fasteners, for the automotive industry.

If you need to cut costs, improve performance, and become more efficient, please take advantage of the cost comparison breakdown we provide inside our MAF Info Sheet.