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About Us

PROFIL®, a PennEngineering® company,  designs and manufactures Mechanically Attached Fasteners (MAF), an alternative to weld fasteners, that have helped the world’s largest automotive OEMs:

  • Reduce total installed cost, increase throughput and eliminate secondary operations via in-die installation
  • Create stronger joints by eliminating weak points caused by thermal stress or annealing
  • Receive full-service technical support throughout every stage of their projects, from fastener and tooling design to on-site technical training


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6.9 million parts installed per day
1.8 billion parts sold in 2022

Latest News

Learn more about PROFIL® RND Rivet Nuts

PROFIL® RND™ Rivet Nuts are the ideal fastening solution for many automotive applications including those with a wide range of high dynamic, static, and impact load conditions. Watch our install video and learn more about their unique technical characteristics:


  • Technical Advisory at OEM and Tier

    • New fastener product development
    • Full test lab capabilities
    • Global field engineering and direct sales engineers
  • Manufacturing

    • Global manufacturing capabilities in local markets
    • Wide range of fasteners for a variety of applications
    • Simplify purchasing by consolidating parts
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  • Application Engineering Support & Tooling Design

    • Worldwide applications engineers help select or design the right fasteners for your specific project
    • Tooling design and manufacturing
    • Assistance with design and tool shops to ensure proper functionality
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  • After Sales Technical Support

    • After sales technical support and on-site training as required
    • Ongoing consultation for project updates
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Sorting and Feeding Units

For automatic manufacturing, the fasteners are processed in the sorting and feeding unit, positioned correctly and fed to the die.

33%-50% average cost reduction when switching from weld fastening to an automated in-die installation solution

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