The Munro Report: A Comprehensive Cost Study That Leads to Significant Cost Savings

We believe it’s important to demonstrate the reliability of the fasteners used inside your automotive applications.

Why? Automotive manufacturing teams should be able to count on every part they use— knowing it’s proven and reliable. 

We are constantly reminded that verified results are what truly matter. Here at PROFIL®, we’ve taken that challenge head-on by creating mechanically attached fasteners (MAF) that are flexible, durable, and dependable. 

It’s in that same spirit of innovation that we invited Munro & Associates, Inc., a renowned engineering and manufacturing consulting firm, to conduct a cost study related to our fastening systems. As an unbiased expert, their study affirmed what we already knew. 

Here is what they discovered. MAFs hold up to the toughest of tests. 

Interested in seeing the full difference between in-die mechanically attached and projection-welded fasteners? We invite you to compare the potential savings for yourself.

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Every time someone reviews this report, it raises an important question.

How satisfied are you with your automotive fastening systems? And, when was the last time you saw a comprehensive study done like this on the other standard projection-welded fasteners out on the market?

If you’re like many of the OEMs and fabricators we’ve worked with, you and your engineering team are spending valuable time and energy on all of the secondary processes associated with weld fasteners. Transportation and storage of all those parts are a necessary evil that comes with weld fasteners and simply slow things down and impact the bottom line.

The Munro Report highlights five important reasons it may be time to re-evaluate your automotive fastening systems.

  • Cost
  • Time
  • Simplification
  • Reduced Risk
  • Superior Customer Service

And, the beauty of mechanically attached fasteners is that these five areas work in tandem together. More affordable options provided in a faster timeframe keep things simple and ultimately reduce risk. Whether you need help with one or resonate with all, you deserve a solution to help you meet your biggest goals.

This is more than a simple cost study.

The official title of this assessment is called the PROFIL®In-Die Mechanically Fastened Threaded Nut Cost Study. What Munro and Associates, Inc. put together is truly a comprehensive cost-savings game plan for engineering teams across the globe.

For the last fifty years, we’ve partnered with the world’s leading automotive OEMs to install over 18 billion MAFs annually. Our goal is to help you ditch the complexity of traditional weld fasteners so that you are empowered to design and manufacture mechanically attached fasteners for your highly engineered automotive applications.

Ready to compare the costs for yourself?

We suggest a two-step plan to assess your operation and see what can be optimized.

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