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Upper Body

A, B, C & D Pillar, Sunroof Ring, Body Side Hinge (hood, door, lift gate, etc.), Roof Rail, Fuel Fill Grounding, Seat Belt Turning Loop, FEM and RAD Support, Side Airbag, Cowl/Plenum

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Under Body

Floor Pan (sealed joint), Dash Panel, Fender Mount reinforcement, Seat Anchor, Cross Car Beams, Oil Pan, Seat Belt Retractor, Shock Tower, Engine Mount Brackets, Front Rails, Rear and Front Bumper, Transmission Tunnels (sealed joint), Crash Boxes, Subwoofer/Amplifier

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Door Inner Panel, Door Hinge, Window Regulators, Side Intrusion Beams, Hood Hinges, Hood Latch, Hood Striker, Tailgate Ball-Hinge Brackets, Tailgate Inner Panel, Liftgate Hinge, Liftgate Inner Panel, Liftgate Latch, Deck Lid Hinge

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Frame Rails, Cross Member, Sub Frame, Sway Bar, Rear Brake Junction Block, Brake and Fuel Line Mount, Track Bar, Spare Tire Mount, Trailer Hitch, Suspension

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Cushion Frame, Seat Riser , Pivot Point Seat Back, Seat Belt, Side Frame, Seat Anchor

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Battery Tray

Battery Tray Floor Pan, Battery Tray Cell Retainers, Battery Cell Locating Pins, Battery Tray Support Rails, Battery Tray Cross Members, Extrusion / C-Shaped Stamping

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Custom Applications

Construction, white goods, solar, marine, and transportation and more. Contact us to learn more about our Mechanically Attached Fastener solutions for custom applications.

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