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Strong, sustainable, and reliable Mechanically Attached Fastener (MAF) technology.

When you choose PROFIL, you get industry-leading innovation that drives cost-efficiency and compatibility without compromising quality.

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Why PROFIL MAF technology has the edge.

Lower environmental impact

80% less energy use and waste than traditional welding means you can choose the sustainable road without compromise. This appeals to end consumers and regulatory demands.

And because PROFIL manufactures in Europe, you can be sure of a smaller carbon footprint, reducing climate change impact and always working within the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM).

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Better efficiency

Save time and cut costs. Simpler processes and faster production through industry-leading fastening technology means you can scale up operations without increasing energy or material investment. And with 99% of partner OEMs rating our process as ‘flawless’, you can trust PROFIL as your partner too.

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Superior quality and performance

PROFIL joints are designed to be more flexible, creating robust and reliable fastening, to withstand harsh environments and join high-strength materials like steel. Take advantage of safer, lighter, more durable clinch technology, with a safer manufacturing environment 99% of our partners rely on PROFIL’s tried and tested solution to improve performance.

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Seamless partnership experience

Work with PROFIL and you’ll get industry-leading manufacturing quality and a flawless client experience. With 6.9 million parts installed per day, and unique customer service tailored around every partner, we’re supporting the automotive industry to new standards in innovation and quality. That’s why 100% of PROFIL customers rate the client experience as seamless.

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As the world leader in MAF, we’re using 80 years of innovation to supercharge eMobility manufacturing.

The PROFIL advantage can support you to transform weight reduction, ingress protection, connectivity, and durability across the key elements of eMobility. From EV battery trays to charging points, battery energy storage systems to a vehicle’s entire electrical system. PROFIL solutions give you unrivalled performance, efficiency, quality and safety.

And with PROFIL’s value added applications, including testing, training and teardown services, you’ll have a trusted, expert partner for the whole journey.

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