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PROFIL® Mechanically Attached Fasteners (MAF)
for Electric Vehicle Battery Applications

Clean, cost-effective andhigh-performing fastening solutions
for electric vehicle battery tray applications

10 +
Year of Experiences
0 Billion
Parts Sold in 2019
0 Million
Parts Installed Per Day

PROFIL® MAF for Electric Vehicle Battery Trays


RND™ Rivet nut


EBF™ Clinch studs


SBF™ Self-piercing rivet studs


A9N™ Round clinch nuts


CSG™ Rivet studs


NBR™ Rivet studs

MHN Clinch Nut

MHN™ Self-piercing clinch nuts

MHD Heavy-duty nut

MHD™ Clinch nuts

Discover the PROFIL® Advantage

Fasten Dissimilar Materials Without Corrosion
PROFIL® fasteners attach to dissimilar materials without corrosion including common steel, HSS, sandwich panels, hot forming steel, aluminum, magnesium, and more.

Achieve Sealed Joints

Get a reliable, water-tight seal in aluminum and steel applications that prevents water intrusion which can lead to costly damage and corrosion from the elements.

Get Reliable Structural Integrity

Since PROFIL® mechanically attached fasteners require no heat source for installation (unlike weld fasteners), there’s no risk of weak points from thermal effect.
Attach to Aluminum Through Boron Hardness
Get the flexibility to attach PROFIL® mechanically attached fasteners to aluminum through boron hardness, with a streamlined process and unmatched part quality.

Get Superior Grounding Capabilities

Design engineered for use in electrical grounding applications, PROFIL® fasteners deliver safe and reliable electrical conductivity with superior grounding capabilities.

Enjoy Full-Service Technical Support

PROFIL® is your consultative partner – providing expert value-added support for applications engineering, tooling, manufacturing, and technical issues.

Ready to Take Your Fastener Performance to the Next Level?

When you’re ready to test out a superior performing fastener alternative, talk to a PROFIL® engineer. With 50+ years of experience delivering innovative fastening solutions to the automotive industry, we can take you to the next level of performance with these value-add services:

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