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PROFIL® Advantage

PROFIL® Technical Solution Partner

    • In-Die installation / No secondary operation required
    • Broad material range solutions – Aluminum through press-hardened steel
    • Broad sheet thickness range (.7mm through 6mm)
    • Sealed joint

Read about the PROFIL® Advantage in our   MAF vs. Weld Fasteners Brochure.


Our Closed Loop Solution

  • 01
    Technical Advisory

    Technical Advisory at OEM and Tier

    Global field engineering and direct sales engineers

  • 02


    Global manufacturing capabilities in local markets

  • 03
    Application engineering

    Application Engineering Support & Tooling Design

    Worldwide application engineering experts and full test lab capabilities

  • 04
    Technical Support

    After Sales Technical Support

    Full, ongoing technical support and on-site training as required

Process Cost Comparison

PROFIL® Riveting Solution vs. Welding

Riveting vs. Welding